Want to visit Macropak?

Trade show information

Macropak is the ultimate packaging fair in the Benelux. All the major players in the industry are gathered here.

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» Dates & times
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For whom is Macropak interesting?

Do you work in one of the sectors and/or positions below? If you do, you should definitely visit Macropak.

- Food and luxury foods industry
- Appliances and equipment industry
- Wholesale and trade negotiation
- Rubbers and plastics industry
- Paper and cardboard industry
- Metal products industry
- (Petro)chemical industry / pharmaceutical industry
- Electrotechnical industry
- Other industry
- Agriculture and fishing
- Business services

- Board & Management
- Marketing & Sales
- Project manager
- Buyer
- Chief of technical department
- Technical department and/or maintenance staff
- Packaging coordinator
- Plant and production manager
- Operations and/or production staff
- Advisor / Consultant
- Research, engineering and construction

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