Floor plan

The online floor plan of Macropak 2016 is not available yet. If you want to know more about participation, please contact us.

Online floor plan

What are the possibilities of the online floor plan?

- You can view which companies have already signed up and what their location is
- You can look at available locations
- You can request a quote

How does the online floor plan work?

Click the button below and view the available stands per hall. Notice: the online floor plan is only available in Internet Explorer. All green stands are still available. All other colours indicate that a stand has been booked or reserved.  As soon as you mouse over a stand, you can view more information about the stand on the right hand side of the screen.

Request a quote

If you double-click on a green stand, a screen will open, where you can enter your details. This way, you can automatically request a free quote. We will send you a quote as soon as possible, and reserve the stand for you. The quote will tell you until what date we will hold the stand for you. As soon as you sign the quote and return it to us, the stand has been booked. We will of course send you a confirmation of your booking.

Regular conditions

Check the conditions for participation of Jaarbeurs.

Instruction video


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