Stand construction

As an exhibitor, you are required to build a stand. You can either build your own stand or order one of our standard stand construction packages. The use of party tents is not allowed.

Standard stand construction

Stands under 21 m² are always booked  including a standard stand construction package. Exhibitors with stands over 20 m2 can also order a standard stand construction package. 

>For now there is no information available about stand construction packages.


Do you want to have comfort but also enough exposure? Then one of our pavilions may be the right choice! More information will come soon. 

Meeting point

A low profile way to be present at Macropak. Booked in combination with a presentation session you have a great opportunity to contact your target audience. More information will come soon.

Build your own stand

Do you have stand over 20 m2, and want to build your own stand? Then keep in mind certain requirements apply to stand construction. In some cases, you have to submit stand drawings to the project team for approval.

More information

Would you like to know more about the stand construction opportunities? Then contact us, we are here to help, with advice or a proposal.


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