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Stand construction regulations

Possibilities for alterations

All your specifications, alterations and additions can be communicated only via ExpoPoint.


If you are interested in one of the stand construction packages, you can contact your sales & account manager via the contact form. 

Stand inspections

Approval of the stand design
The drawings for your stand need to be submitted for approval to the VNU Exhibitions Europe Backoffice department. They will judge your design.

To be able to properly judge your stand, we ask you to submit the following drawings with regard to your stand design:

1. required: technical drawings (side, front and top view, with measurements)
2. desirable: commercial drawing, the so-called visuals

With approval, you are ensured of a trouble-free set-up.
The drawings can be sent to: or 

VNU Exhibitions Europe BV
Attn. Marketing Services Back Office, Standapproval
PO Box 8800
3503 RV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30 295 2825
Fax: +31 30 295 2816 

We advise you to check whether the stand design has been sent to us by your stand builder or stand manager. This way, you can tick this off your to-do-list several months before the trade show.

Minimum stand requirements

Exhibitors building their own stand are required to erect dividing walls at the back of the stand and the sides touching a neighbouring stand. You are not allowed to use the back wall erected by your rear neighbour. The walls should be 2.5 m high. The floor area needs to be covered. Dividing walls between your stand and the neighbouring stand should be 2.5 m and the floor area should be covered.

Attention! If you are putting down a raised floor and put a 2.5 m on top, your stand will be higher than 2.5 m. If you are putting down a raised floor, detract the height from the total wall height. This ensures the wall not becoming too high.


Depending on the height of the hall, it may be possible to build stands higher than 2.5 m, on the condition that you have (as mentioned above) received approval from the Backoffice department/Standkeuringen. This is very important, as the height in the hall can differ.

In the interest of your neighbours, you can only build higher than the standard height of 2.5 m from the point 1 m from the neighbouring stand. The dividing walls always have to be 2.5 m high. This prevents any unwelcome surprises for you and your neighbours. You are only allowed to deviate from these measures after receiving writing permission from neighbouring exhibitors. Make sure that any finishing to the back of the wall needs to be done by your stand builder.

The height of the hall is given on your floor plan. If you are in doubt, contact ExpoPoint: +31 (0)30 295 57 70.


Especially exhibitors with an island stand or end of row stand often run out of wall space. Extra wall space can be created by extending the wall along one of the aisles. This looks like a logical solution, but confronts visitors and front neighbours with a blind wall. This obviously does not look very elegant.

If you do run out of wall space, you can erect additional walls on your stand. This cannot be done right next to the aisle, but from the point 1 m within the external stand boundary. This way, your stand retains its open character.

Attention! Each aisle side of a stand can be built up for a maximum of 50%, with a maximum of 5 m, unless VNU Exhibitions Europe confirms other agreements in writing. We retain the right to give other instructions without any specific reasons for these changes.

Obstacle plan

Please check the floor plan for marks indicating obstacles in your stand. You will have to keep this in mind when designing your stand.

This floor plan was included with the confirmation of your participation. You can also request a detailed floor plan via the online floor plan. All obstacles are indicated on this floor plan.
You are allowed to build around the obstacles, as long as any fire hoses remain visible and accessible. It is prohibited to mount anything to the columns. For more information, contact ExpoPoint: +31 (0)30 295 57 70.

Multi-storey stands

Multi-storey stands are always higher than 2.5 m and are allowed as long as you have informed us of your plans and build up the stand from the point 1 m from the neighbouring stand. The use of multi-storey surfaces is not free. You will be charged half of the total number of net 'multi-storey metres'.  

Attention! The VNU Exhibitions Europe Standkeuringen department has to give approval, based on the drawings as submitted by you or your stand builder. The address details of the VNU Exhibitions Europe Backoffice/Standkeuringen department can be found on this page.

You also need the express approval of the Fire Department and the Utrecht City Council, Dienst Stadsontwikkeling. The relevant addresses can be found below.

Utrecht Fire Brigade

Dienst Stadsontwikkeling

Afdeling Pro-actie en Preventie

Afdeling Bouw- en Woningtoezicht

p.a.o. Mr. J. Verlaan

p.a.o. Mr. C. Hoppenbrouwer

P.O. Box 3025

P.O. Box 8406

NL-3502 GA Utrecht

NL-3503 RK Utrecht

Tel: +31 (0)88 878 41 27

Tel.: +31 (0)30 286 46 44

Fax.:+31 (0)30 286 41 11




It is prohibited to build your stand into the aisles without prior approval. Your activities also have to be restricted to your stand and any displays are products have to remain inside your stand. This way, the flow of visitors through the aisles is not interrupted, enhancing the safety of both exhibitors and visitors.


Technical specifications for the halls.
You can find the specifications for the hall in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht ExpoPoint. The floor plan will also supply you with additional information about options and restrictions regarding your stand.

Technical facilities

Technical facilities (electricity, water and compressed air) are located in the trays or holes in the floor. Make sure you know where they are located on your stand. This way, you prevent unnecessary wiring. Another solution is putting down a raised floor, which gives you the opportunity to hide wires underneath. The online floor plan on the exhibition website contains a detailed drawing which shows you exactly where these holes can be found. Make sure you adjust your stand lay-out, to prevent loose-hanging cables and wires.

Completion stand construction packages

If you have ordered a stand construction package from VNU Exhibitions or the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, you can start decorating your stand at the date and time indicated. The stand will not be ready before then, and it will not be possible to deliver any items or stock.

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