Stand construction requirements

Stand construction by the exhibitor

If you, as an exhibitor, wish to build your own stand, you must submit the stand construction drawings to the Back office department of Jaarbeurs for approval. They will assess your design on, among other things, location type, location dimensions, technical aspects and possible environmental factors at the location rented by you. You can e-mail your stand construction drawings (a technical drawing including dimensions and a visual) to:

Back office department

Or send it by post to:

Attn. Back office department
Postbus 8500
NL-3503 RM Utrecht

Please note: in the Customer Portal you can check until which date stand construction drawings can be submitted for approval.

Minimum stand construction requirements

Each exhibitor is under the obligation to install partitions. The number of partitions depends on the location type. For a location in a row 3 partitions are mandatory (back wall and 2 side walls). For a corner location 2 walls are mandatory (back wall and 1 side wall) and for an end location only a back wall is mandatory. You are not allowed to use the back wall and/or side wall(s) of the stand(s) adjacent to yours. If you have an island site, there is no obligation to place partitions. For all stand types, the floor of your stand location must be covered.


The prescribed height for walls and objects in your stand is 2.50 m. Exceeding the height of 2.50 metres will only be permitted with written approval from the adjacent stand(s) and Jaarbeurs. Please take into account the maximum height of the hall at the stand location rented by you in your design. Walls higher than 2.50 m must be nicely finished on both sides. You are not allowed to place your logo on the back side of your partition(s) unless you have written permission from Jaarbeurs and the adjacent stand(s) to do so.

If you wish to place an object in your stand which is higher than 2.50 m, the rule is that this object must be placed at least 1.00 metre away from the walls of the adjacent stand(s). Placing it less than 1 metre away from the walls of the adjacent stand(s) is only possible with written permission from Jaarbeurs and the adjacent stand(s).
Once you have submitted your stand construction drawing, Jaarbeurs will provide you with the contact details of the stand(s) adjacent to yours if necessary.


Especially exhibitors with an island site or an end location may sometimes be short of wall space. Extra wall space can then be created by placing a partition along the aisle. This seems like a logical solution, except that other exhibitors and visitors will then have a view of a blind wall.

Should you be short of wall space, you can also build small additional partitions inside your stand space 1 metre from the edge of your stand. That way, your stand will maintain an open feel.

Note: A maximum of 50%, up to a maximum of 5 metres, of each aisle side of a stand location may be closed with structures, unless the trade show organiser determines otherwise in writing. With regard to the above, we reserve the right to prescribe other stipulations if necessary, without having to provide reasons for our decision.

Multi-storey structures

Multi-storey structures are always higher than 2.50 and are only permitted if you have previously informed the trade show organiser of this (not all trade shows allow multi-storey structures) and if there is at least a 1 metre distance between this structure and the adjacent stand(s).

In addition to this permission from Jaarbeurs, you also need permission from the Fire Department and the municipal authorities of Utrecht to erect a multi-storey structure. You can find the contact details below:

Urban Development
Mr C. Hoppenbrouwer
Postbus 8406
NL-3503 RK Utrecht
Phone: 030 – 2864644

Department Utrecht Fire Department
Building and Housing Inspectorate Prevention Unit
Mr J. Verlaan
Belcampostraat 10
NL-3544 NG Utrecht
Postbus 3025
NL-3502 GA Utrecht
Phone 088 – 8784127


Structures which invade the aisles are not permitted. Moreover, you are required to confine your activities to within your stand area, keep displays and products within the boundaries of your stand.

Technical facilities

Technical facilities (electricity, water, compressed air) must go through cable troughs or openings in the floor. Please take into account the location of the connection points for these facilities within your stand space in your stand design drawing. This way you will avoid superfluous conduits running across your floor. Another solution is to install a raised floor to hide the conduits lying underneath it.

Prevent noise nuisance

Make sure the activities at your stand do not cause nuisance to others. In particular, noise nuisance can be extremely annoying to your co-exhibitors when they are talking with clients. We kindly ask you to alert the exhibitors in your immediate surroundings in advance if you intend to organise activities at your stand which might cause some nuisance.
If you plan to use live or amplified sound, you need to ask the organisers of the trade show for permission. However, we reserve the right to withdraw our permission at any time if (noise) nuisance is caused.
For questions concerning the Stand Construction Stipulations, please contact our Customer Service. It is available on working days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., by phone on 030 – 295 2999 or by e-mail at

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