Fill in the digital catalogue

A few months before the trade show, we ask you to enter your catalogue details in our online catalogue (Expo Match). There are two important reasons to do so:

  1. Expo Match matches each visitor to interesting exhibitors. If you enter your details correctly, the match will be better and you will attract more visitors which are of interest to you. 
    Read more about how Expo Match works 
  2. We use your news and press releases in our visitor campaign.

What do we do with your news?

News items

Your news – including images – is published on our popular news page, on the visitor website. If necessary, the text is redacted. 
> Tips for a good news item

The most interesting news items are used for: 

  • E-mail newsletters
    The most interesting press releases are published in the e-mail newsletters we send out to (potential) visitors in the run-up to the exhibition. The e-mail newsletter for Macropak is being sent out to appr. 29,000 addresses.
    > View an example of an e-mail newsletter
  • Advertorials
    For a number of trade shows, the print campaign also consists of advertorials. These advertorials are often filled with news items sent to us by exhibitors. 

Press releases

The press releases you publish in Expo Match, are collected and made available to journalists in the run-up to the exhibition, including links to additional images and photographic material. 
> What are the criteria for press releases?

Enter your details

You can enter your catalogue details via the Client Portal.
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