Construction and dismantling information

Assembly and disassembly traffic go to P2

All assembly and disassembly traffic has to report at car park P2.
Safety & Traffic staff will then issue you with a special access ticket.
As soon as there is a space at your hall, you can use this ticket to enter the area in front of the hall complex.

Access routes map

The route guiding exhibitors and suppliers to the right hall, is indicated with a hundred number (Route 100, Route 200 etc.). The other halls, transport doors and elevators of the Jaarbeurs Complex also have numbers. When you get close to the Jaarbeurs, you will see signs indicating these route numbers, halls and transport doors (see the Access routes map).

It is prohibited to park or wait on public roads before entering the Jaarbeurs complex; this road should be free and accessible to regular traffic at all times.
When the transport or elevator doors are closed, please contact Safety & Traffic on tel. +31 (0)30-295 5333 to gain entry.


Only during trade fair days a deposit of € 50,- for 1 hour is charged for loading/unloading on the Jaarbeurs premises. You will receive an entry ticket from the porter indicating when you have to leave the area again. During assembly and disassembly no deposit is charged.

Parking during construction and dismantling

During the construction and dismantling you can park your car on parking place P2 for free. For the other places surrounding the Jaarbeurs and during the tradefair you need to purchase a parking ticket of € 3,- per hour with an maximum of 12,00 euro in order to leave the parking place. Parking tickets can be bought at the ticket machines at the Jaarbeurs, or can be ordered by using the ExpoPoint of Jaarbeurs ( It is also possible to buy a parking license at the ExpoPoint. With a parking license you can park on all parking places of the Jaarbeurs during construction, fair and dismantling.

Exhibitor’s badges, construction and dismantling passes

Three weeks before the exhibition, you will automatically receive several exhibitor’s badges and construction and dismantling passes. Construction and dismantling passes will be sent to you 3 to 2 weeks in advance. These are meant for you, your colleagues and any third parties that are working on your booth before, during or after the exhibition. These passes are personal passes. The number of passes that you receive, is based on the surface area of your booth.

Badges and passes

What is the difference?

The exhibitor’s badges are meant for your booth personnel and provide access to the exhibition floor during construction and dismantling and of course during the fair.
The construction and dismantling passes are meant for third parties who are working on your booth by order of you (booth builder, transportation service, etc.). These passes only provide access to the exhibition floor during the construction and dismantling period. During the construction and dismantling period every person must have a construction and dismantling pass or an exhibitor’s badge with him. The surveillance team of Jaarbeurs will check this.

How to order?

When the standard number of badges and passes mentioned above is enough for you, then no other actions are needed. When you need more badges and/or passes, or if you would like to personalize the exhibitor’s badges, you can place your order (free of charge) online at the client portal.

Assembly and disassembly times

> Go to the assembly and disassembly times

Piccolo service

On Monday September 29, we are offering our exhibitors an exclusive ‘Piccolo Service’ during the last assembly day. A dozen piccolos, which can be recognized by their ‘Piccolo Service Crew’ jackets, will offer free assistance with unloading the goods at your stand. You can find the piccolos at recognizable service points between 8AM and 5PM.

Exhibitors fastlane

Only for exhibitors you can use the exhibitors entrance during the trade show between 07.30 and 11.00 AM. 

No diesel engine emission in the halls -> unloading/ loading outside

Vehicles driven by a diesel engine are kept out of the halls as much as possible, in accordance with the European legislation. Jaarbeurs is therefore legally obligated to take all measurements that are
technically possible, which limit or prevent the emissions of vehicles driven by diesel engines in sealed areas such as the halls. Unloading and loading takes place as much as possible outside of the halls. Our logistic partner, CEVA (which is situated on het Jaarbeursplein), could be of assistance with this. You can find the contact information of CEVA on page 5 of the Exhibition Guide.

Logistic services, storage goods and usage of fork-lift trucks

CEVA Showfreight is the official logistic exhibition carrier of Jaarbeurs. CEVA is the logistical specialist in arranging (inter-)national transports, including formalities at customs, loading and unloading of your goods and the storage of your (packing-) material during construction and dismantling at the exhibition.
You can have your materials stored by CEVA on the appropriate locations. All materials, containers, fork-lift trucks etcetera which are stored at the Jaarbeurscomplex, without the permission of Jaarbeurs will be stored at CEVA and can be collected on payment of a charge.

Shipping and transport

For assistance with delivery, loading and unloading of goods, please contact our shipping agent, CEVA Logistics, who are situated on the Jaarbeurs grounds.

For mor information:
Customer Service
Telephone +31 (0)30 -295 2999

Granted permission in advance, necessary for usage own fork-lift truck

When using your own fork-lift truck you have to request for a release certificate (ontheffingscertificaat). If the materials - which will be transported - meet all the legal regulations you will receive a release certificate of CEVA, on behalf of Jaarbeurs, which the driver has to be in possession of at all times, and can be showed when requested. CEVA and Safety &Traffic will see to this.
On you can download the order form, on which you indicate which personal forklift you will use on our grounds.

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